Unlock Your Business℠
Replicate, Scale, and Grow
Unleash Your Life℠
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Quantum Growth™
Sustainable Growth of 26%+ Annually
Quantum Partners™
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Quantum Growth Program™

Bio-Engineer Your Business℠

Results Guaranteed.

Enroll in a one-of-a-kind, award winning, SMB growth program to unlock your business and unleash your life. Our proven, scientific, systematic approach ensures your business actually scales and grows; expanding your wealth and optimizing your life!

Quantum Growth™

KMG’s Quantum Growth Program offers you the opportunity to achieve and sustain a minimum 26%↑ compounding annual growth rate, year after year, in a manner that dramatically improves your life and your business! Results Guaranteed.

As Your Quantum Partner, KMG:
  • Shares Your Risk
  • Immerses ourselves in your business
  • Fixes what is broken
  • Collaborates, composes and orchestrates stage-appropriate growth solutions
    • Identifies strengths, Diagnoses weaknesses
    • Injects capital & expertise
    • Re-organizes & Re-tools your company
    • Implements Growth Initiatives
    • Ensures growth actually occurs
    • Advocates, monitors, measures & supports
    • And More…
  • Delivers Quantum Results™

Unlock Your Business

Replicate, Scale & Grow

Unlike fragmented service providers who leave it to you to piece together an entire solution, KMG is scientific and comprehensive; bringing you an entire 360° enterprise-wide growth solution. We leverage our proven processes and resource networks. We partner with you to create and sustain Quantum Growth™ efficiently and cost-effectively.


Unleash Your Life

We improve your life by freeing you from the mundane to focus on the extraordinary!​ We partner with you to ensure your business actually scales & grows in a manner that expands your wealth, and improves your life.

Quantum Partners™

When You Do Better – We Do Better℠
  • KMG commits to the growth of your business
  • Co-invests and shares your risk
  • Co-creates win-wins with you
  • Continuously demonstrate our commitment to you
  • Guarantees Results!
Enroll in The Quantum Growth Program today!

Challenges Facing Owners Today

Growth is a Complex Problem

Most owners feel:
  • Dissatisfied with their company’s growth
  • Overwhelmed coordinating everything themselves
  • Frustrated and fatigued with a slow-going growth process
  • Conflicted, feeling like their hands are tied, amidst constrained resources and cash
  • Know there is potential for dramatic growth but just can’t quite get there or sustain it
  • Fatigued
  • Growing tired of going it alone
  • Stuck, but desirous for more
  • Wishing for a better life of:
    • less or more enjoyable work
    • less stress
    • more confidence
    • more free time
    • greater resources for their families and children to enjoy

Unlock Your Business – Unleash Your Life

Enroll in The Quantum Growth Program today!

Quantum Results™

KMG’s Scientific Approach:
  • Targets a minimum 26%↑ average annual compounding growth year-after- year
  • Working within your budgets and your risk tolerances
  • What’s your current growth rate?
  • How much would you like to grow?

For over 18 years, KMG has scientifically re-engineered more than 150 SMB businesses, unlocking them to Replicate, Scale & Grow!

Our Mission

KMG specializes in creating and sustaining Quantum Growth™.

We collaborate with you to:

  • Unlock Your Business –We ensure your business scales and grows in a manner that dramatically increases your wealth!
  • Unleash Your Life –We improve your life by freeing you from the mundane to focus on the extraordinary!

We bio-engineer your business and your life to create and sustain Quantum Growth!

Our Approach

Our revolutionary Quantum Growth Program provides one convenient, facilitated, multi-discipline, multi-year, turn-key growth solution.

Unlike fragmented service providers who leave it to you to piece together an entire solution:

  • We holistically immerse ourselves in all aspects of your business;
  • We collaborate, compose and orchestrate stage-appropriate growth; solutions
  • We re-tool and reinvigorate your company and your life!

We guarantee results and are willing to put our fees at risk to prove our commitment to you. 

When You Do Better – We Do Better!℠

Our Resources

We are united by our Quantum Mindset and our commitment to delivering you extraordinary results!

We provide comprehensive Growth Solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our team is vetted and top-notch:

  • Proven Experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Specialists
  • Coordinators
  • Planners
  • Implementers
  • Integrators
  • Co-investors
  • Financiers

Here is what our clients say…

KMG’s Quantum Growth Program transformed my life and my business exploded!

– Satisfied Client

Kevin and his team radically changed the way I look at my business. Now, Instead of fighting for marginal growth, I embrace my passions and win!

– Satisfied Client

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